More Minority Students Taking Tests

by Jessica Cervantez

Lufkin High School has only been in session for four days now, and already the "GO Center," where students can go for information about colleges and furthering their education, is full.

Twenty-five percent of the students who took the ACT this year were Hispanic.

Gabriellea Herrera, a senior who will be taking the ACT, said, "I want to fulfill my dreams. I want to be a dentist. So, I want to take every test I can to get scholarships, so I can go to the college I want."

Two students were already signing up to take the ACT test. Another was getting ready to take it again.

Mandela Roberts, who is also a senior, said, "The first time, I didn't do that well. In order to go to the college I want to, I need to do better."

Sixty percent of the Lufkin high school students who took standardized tests last year were minorities. School leaders hope the trend continues.

Shelly Slaton, the principal of testing and curriculum, said, "We want to have a high level of expectations and, each year, we want to continue to grow."

A growing number of Lufkin students are focusing on life after graduation. Nearly 90% of last year's graduating class decided to pursue more education through some type of certification or by attending college.

Counselors say now is the time to get prepared for college. You should already start taking SAT and ACT tests, and filling out applications.