East texas woman mourns mom's death from flu complications


The flu is raging across the country including here in the Pineywoods.
In Texas, it’s killed more than 2,300 people so far this season and behind those numbers are some very painful stories.
Among the victims, a mother that was 58-years- old.
Her daughter said she was healthy before she died and it all happened so fast.

“She loved everybody,” said her daughter, Stephanie Kovar. “She never met a stranger. If she met you she would just hug you, love you, and act like she's known you for years.”

Kovar said her mother living in Bridge City, Texas was diagnosed with the flu on a Monday and by early Friday morning she received a call saying her beloved mother was brain dead.

“We made the decision to go ahead and let her go because she wouldn't have -been the same,” said Kovar.

Emergency officials rushed to Guillory's home because she was having a hard time breathing.
They did CPR on her for 32 minutes, but she had been without oxygen for too long.

“It's really sad that the flu could take somebody's life,” Kovar said.

Doctors told the family Guillory's cause of death was a heart attack, but knowing she was suffering from the flu family members wanted an autopsy done.
They received the results yesterday.

“So he just called and told me that it was the flu. And you know I felt like that's what was going to come back because my mom was healthy. There was nothing wrong with my mom,” Kovar said.

According to New York Times, having the flu can increase your risk of a heart attack.
Kovar wants to share a message to anyone showing signs and symptoms of the flu.
“Make sure that you go and get to the doctor. Make sure that you get checked out and stay at home. You don't need to be out if you are sick and take care of yourself,” Kovar said.
Kovar said her mother's greatest treasure was her grandchildren.

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