Lufkin police fan tours police station

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It all started with an idea to create a YouTube channel, that's what seven year old, Havyn Thompson's, parents said.

Thompson has a passion for law enforcement and decided to take it to the next level with a video he recorded last week.

Among many viewers, Lufkin police saw the video and gave this aspiring officer a tour of their station today.

"I like helping people and I like putting tickets on the cars," said Thompson.

Parents said seven year old Thompson has dreamed of being a police officer for years.

"He's loved police officers since he was three or four," said dad Flint Thompson. "He's always been intrigued with them every time he's gotten to meet one."

Thompson's video caught the attention of Lufkin police officer, Randy Brooks, and today he had a one on one tour at the station.

"Kids are exposed to a lot of negative things about the police department," said Sergeant Brooks.  "They never get to see the real deal, so it's kind of good anytime someone is glad to see us. We like to foster that."
Thompson and his little sister, Mercy, explored everything in the department down to the police cars.

Parents said he is in uniform 24/7, he'll even stop and give you a ticket.

"People are thinking he's breaking into their car and they're like what's this little kid doing. They come out there and it's a little citation that he writes. It's actually kind of a little fun thing that he does," Thompson said.

Thompson even received his very own badge and police hat.

He also said when he becomes a Lufkin police officer he'll make sure everyone is following the rules.

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