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Munchy's closing...but, maybe not for long

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Sad news for fans of steamed sandwiches and cheese sticks.

Munchy’s has announced it is closing.

“We’re not positive on the date but soon,” Ron Fielder, the restaurant’s manager, told Region 8 News in a phone interview Friday.

Fielder and his brother Tom, who runs Fat City Steak and Grill House, have had the restaurant for 27 years.

But, it has been around much longer than that. Fielder said they purchased the sandwich shop from the Laws, who bought it from the original owner.

“It’s been in the same location under the same name for 43 years,” Fielder told Region 8 News.

And he hopes it stays that way.

“There’s been quite a bit of interest in purchasing it,” he told us. “Hopefully, it will sell and the new owners will keep it going.”

Should they sell the restaurant, Fielder said they would provide all the assistance the new owners would need to continue the Munchy’s legacy.

Although, he’s not sure they would want his help.

“I can make a sandwich,” he joked. “But, that’s about it.”

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