Lufkin residents speak out after Best Buy plans to pull CDs from stores

Lufkin residents speak out after Best Buy plans to pull CDs from stores

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - According to Billboard, Best Buy is planning to pull CDs from all of its stores by July 1st.

Even though CD sales have been dropping, some residents say the death of CDs shows a lack of appreciation.

"So it feels like it's a loss of appreciation for a music CD or a DVD," said Jacob Thomas. "Now you can get it at the blink of your fingertips and that whole idea and perception is totally eradicated or being eradicated."
Sources said the company was only generating around $40 million annually in CD sales which is a sharp decline from what was once a billion dollar offering for Best Buy, but CD lovers have hope.

"History repeats itself," said Brooke Washburn. "So even though it might not be popular right now eventually people are going to go back to it."

As newer cars are less likely to have a CD player, there are still some drivers that need CDs.

"My car doesn't have an aux, so I have to listen to CDs," said Abigail Lazarine. "Even though Spotify and Apple music are pretty main stream you should keep record players around and stuff like that."

Others are considering how the older generation will listen to their choice of music.

"Does your grandma or aunt that's 75 years old or 60 years old know how to work an MP3 player, iPod, an Apple Mac, or any form of computer? I mean it's totally different," said Thomas.

Best Buy will continue to carry vinyl records for the next two years, following a commitment it made to suppliers.

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