SFA organization offers "ashes to go" for Ash Wednesday

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Today marks the start of lent for Christians around the world.

Many observe today by taking part in an Ash Wednesday service, but an organization at SFA gave students a quick way to honor the tradition.

The student organization, Episcopal Jacks, gave students a quick way to celebrate the start of lent.

"So we're meeting students where they are in their faith and offering them a reminder that we're all the same," said advisor Ashley Cook.

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of lent season where people of faith give up something for 40 days.

"I'm still probably going to be eating chicken and fish, but I'm giving up red meat due to health reasons," said student Lillie Garcia.

Members hosted Ash Wednesday on campus hoping all students would feel welcome to participate.

"I saw you guys, so I was like okay why not," said student Bria Sellers. "I am giving up my quick to temper and my bad language."

Callie smith said, ashes to go came in handy because she wouldn't have made it to Ash Wednesday service tonight.

"Since he gave up a lot for us it's our little way of saying we can do something for him too," said Smith.

Others said ashes to go was a reminder of things to work on.

"I'm always saying no to things and always just trying to walk away," said student Jocelyn B. "I think saying yes to a little more things is going to push me out of my comfort zone."

Many will still participate in different Ash Wednesday services, but for those who walked up it was a powerful experience.

"I think the younger generation has a craving for the deep meaning of sacraments. They want a sacramental life, but maybe in a new place and maybe in a new way," said Cook.

Turns out the concept of ashes to go is practiced across the nation with drive-thru, making it easy for motorists to receive the blessing.

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