Lufkin Brookshire Brothers to offer online shopping, delivery, and pick-up

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Brookshire Brothers stores here in Lufkin are pioneering an initiative to provide online shopping and grocery delivery, off sight or in the parking lot, in deep East Texas.

The new service, called Brookshire Brothers Anywhere, was still in the testing stages, but the store is busy letting people know what to expect.

"You can write notes to the personal pickers, who are going to pull your orders, to tell them how green you want your bananas, or how thick you want your steak," said Brookshire Brothers' public relations director Sally Alvis.

Trainers, like John David Kirby, at the store said having actual people picking the groceries will raise the quality of items bought.

"We really want our pickers to be picking like they're picking for themselves," Kirby said. "They'll be picking the freshest produce. They'll be picking the best cuts of meat, and they'll be looking at expiration dates."

The online system allows customers to pick a certain time slot for when they want to have the groceries ready, either for pick-up in the parking lot or for delivery, if the location is within 15 miles from the Gaslight location. For some, this will mean more family time.

"It's going to allow my husband and I to have more family time after work and to be able to have more time to cook, as a family, instead of having to take 30 minutes to an hour, to actually go into a grocery store with a four-year-old," said online shopping tester Tara Watkins.

Watkins, who is also the director of Lufkin's Convention and Visitor's Bureau, said this type of shopping is great for Lufkin.

"The great part of shopping online with this is that your tax dollars," Watkins said.

Customers can start filling their cart Friday night for deliveries or pickups, starting with the official launch on Monday.

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