History comes to life with Groveton Civil War reenactment

History comes to life with Groveton Civil War reenactment

GROVETON, TX (KTRE) - A Trinity County city is hosting people from all across Texas as they put on their annual Civil War reenactment.

This year, The Battle of Blackjack Grove in Groveton is serving as a teaching tool and bringing history to life.

The Civil War simulation gave a generalization of what life and fighting was back then.

Andrea Eads and her family drove 2 hours from Tomball near Houston to see her son take part in the event.

"We're just excited to be out here because my son Barrett he just loves history and he loves learning about it," said Eads. "We learned a lot about of the civil war in our studies. We're here just let him get to experience all of that."

History teacher Dyson Nickle says the reenactment is a way to bring history alive outside of the classroom.

"Cause in the classroom it's boring. They're sitting there, they're listening to the teacher, they're reading from books but this here is something tangible to them," said Nickle who teacher 7th grade Texas History for Lufkin ISD.

Jacob Canfield came all the way from Fort Worth to see the historic display.

"It's just kind of good I think to be acquainted with the most important war in America's history," said Canfield.

With the current political climate and confederate monuments coming down across the country, Canfield says events like this are important to see the total war, not just one negative aspects.

"I think no matter what this is a war that did happen," said Canfield. "I think we shouldn't try to cover it up. And I think it's important that we go out here, and we don't have to glorify some of the mistake that were made during the war, but I think it's important that we go out there and appreciate it at least."

The Battle of Blackjack Grove reenactment goes until Sunday and features 19th century battles, food and lots of history.

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