Zavalla teen heads to state food competition

ZAVALLA, TX (KTRE) - After years of hard work, a Zavalla teen is headed to state after she won the dairy division competition earlier this month.

"The theme this year for the food show is Fresh from the Farm," said Rozalinn Runnels, 15.

The high school sophomore is spending the day in the kitchen by making her dish, Mexican Shrimp Bisque.

"When I think of farms, I think of cattle, specifically dairy cattle, so I decided to highlight that part of fresh from the farm," Runnels said.

The dish is loaded with shrimp, half-and-half and fat-free sour cream. Runnels said she adds in cayenne and bouillon to help bring out the flavors.

"One of things I'm trying to do here is not only getting other people to live healthy but getting my generation to live healthy," Runnels said. "Because most people my age would probably rather get on the couch and eat some chips that they bought from Walmart than make a homemade dish which can be a lot more good and healthy."

Meanwhile, her family couldn't be more proud of her accomplishments.

"She has worked since third grade to qualify, to be able to go to state, and I'm really excited that has happened for her," said Cathy Lott, Runnels' mother.

Even though her dreams have come true, Runnels said she continues to push herself to become a better role model for her younger sister and the community.

The 15-year-old teen will represent Angelina County at the state Roundup this summer at Texas A&M University.

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