East Texas parents invest in Kevlar-based ballistic panels to put in children's backpacks

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Following  Wednesday's deadly attack at a Florida High School, some parents in East Texas are investing in a tool for kids called a protective panel.

"It gives some sense of security to know that kids are going to be safe," said Joe Burton, a father.

Burton has two children in school. He expressed his concerns and worries about school shootings including the most recent in Florida. For that reason he's chosen to invest in buying a protective resource called a ballistic panel

"This is something that I'll buy one time, and my kids can keep it in their back and their bag throughout school," Burton said. "They'll always have it in there and it's not big enough that it's going to take up any room."

Experts said the panel slips in and out of a child's backpack very easily. Meanwhile, parents said it becomes a very useful tool during an emergency where things are changing during a matter of seconds.

Luke Tarbutton is firearms trainer and a dealer with ShootPerfect East Texas who sells the panels. He said these panels range in size and have various levels of a material called Kevlar.

"Now these pieces of Kevlar when they are woven together and when they're stacked together, what they do is slow bullets down and catch them, that way they don't penetrate or go through," Tarbutton said.

Tarbutton said parents should take the time to teach their children how to use the panels if they are planning to get some for their children.

Although it's not a perfect solution, Burton wants to empower his kids with that sense of security.

"It's not a cure, but it's a tool. It's a tool for them to use," Burton said.

Tarbutton said these panels are an inexpensive protective tool ranging anywhere from $30 to $100.

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