Lufkin business explains background check for firearm purchase

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Across the nation, conversation on the process of background checks for purchasing a firearm is taking center stage.

Local experts explained the current policies in place for obtaining a firearm.

Patsy and Wally Dunks own Ordinary Citizen, where they teach handgun safety courses.

They said the process of obtaining a firearm is as easy as filling out a form.

"It's called a 4413 and they have to fill out this form and give us their Texas driver's license. We put that information in this form. We also record on here the caliber, the firearm, who the manufacturer is and that kind of stuff," said Dunks.

The federal government then receives a call to do a background check on the buyer.

"And then they will either tell us proceed, delay, or deny," Dunks said.

Delay times vary for each applicant, but if they are approved, the firearm can be taken home immediately.

"They give us a number we have to record on the form that says this is the approval," Dunks said.

That form goes further than a purchase, it also gives law enforcement clues during investigations.

"If we recovered a firearm, a lot of times, we'll need to trace the firearm, so we'll access the records to see who it belongs to," said Captain Alton Lenderman.

That's why it's important to update your gun records.

"If you sell a gun, you don't want it floating around with your name on it. It could've been used as a murder weapon or used in an armed robbery or something. Then the police will come knocking on your door," Lenderman said.

Every time a firearm is purchased a background check is required.

Buying more than one handgun in a week will raise awareness.

If a customer does have a concealed handgun license, that can be used as their background check.

Lenderman said, if you do happen to sell a firearm that is registered under your name, the process of changing it is simple and can be found here:

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