Former Nacogdoches phlebotomist pleads to 35 years on sex assault charges

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A Lufkin man accused of sexually assaulting six women while he was employed as a state agency phlebotomist has pleaded guilty to two of the charges and accepted a total of 35 years in prison.
Andrew Jones, a prosecutor with the Nacogdoches County District Attorney's Office, confirmed Adolfo Duran, 43, entered the pleas on Thursday. He pleaded guilty to one case of sexual assault of a child and accepted a 20-year sentence, and pleaded guilty on another sexual assault of an adult and accepted a 15-year sentence. The sentences will be served consecutively.

Under the terms of the agreement, Duran admitted guilt on the other five victims' cases.

Jones said the case was handled by the Attorney General's Office.
Duran was originally indicted on six counts of sexual assault. He was first arrested on Feb. 23, after a woman said Duran contacted her to meet him after hours at the Nacogdoches Health and Human Services office after the business had closed. He would then sexually assault them.
Duran, who worked at the office as a phlebotomist, did not have the medical authority to conduct that kind of an exam.
After the initial arrest, five other victims stepped forward with similar allegations.

Duran waived all appeals. No further court dates have been scheduled.

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