Trinity County Sheriff records IRS scam phone call

IRS scammers are now leaving voicemails on Sheriff's phones.

Yesterday Trinity County Sheriff, Woody Wallace, received a call from a scammer.

He recorded the phone call and created a Facebook post to warn others.
"The message would say this is the IRS. We have a warrant for your arrest you need to call us," said Wallace.

But Wallace knew he wasn't under arrest.

He called back to prove a point and created a Facebook post.

"I wanted to let them know that the scam is real and it's going around. There are still people that have no idea that these scams are taking place and those are the people that are most vulnerable," Wallace said.

Along with Wallace, KTRE tried to call the scammers, but they had already blocked him.

According to Wallace the IRS will never contact you by phone asking for money.

"They'll send you several letters in the mail and if you don't reply then they'll send you a registered letter," Wallace said.

Officials said if you have any questions over a particular phone call reaching out to your local law enforcement is the best thing to do.

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