Angelina County Judge race candidates discuss plans for office

Two republican candidates are vying for the Angelina County Judge's seat.

Don Lymbery is challenging incumbent Wes Suiter who is the current official holding the office and seeking his fourth term.

KTRE sat down with both candidates and talked about their plans for the position and their qualifications.

Lymbery explained about his plans to re-purpose or sell facilities owned by the county.

"I've gone to every building that the county owns. I've explored all the properties, even the ones the counties have abandoned," Lymbery said. "My feelings is that there is holdings that the county has that are not being used anymore. That they have been abandoned and they need to be sold. There's no sense in holding onto something that's not being used."

Suiter talked about a facilities study that's underway where based on the findings will help pave a direction for the county as it grows.

"We have employees in several different facilities in the county trying to operate out of that and it all comes back to here at some point in time," Suiter said. "That's something we really need to look at. We've got a jail that was built in 2003 I believe, open in 2004 or 2005 and at some point in time it's going to be expanded."

When it comes to the relationship between law enforcement and the office both candidates said that communication is key.

"The sheriff, his staff and I have discussed this multiple times. We have come up solutions to immediately alleviate the plan of having to go up on taxes. And all it's going to take is some minor adjustment in personnel shifting and may be some tweaking of the budget somewhat," Lymbery said. "It's going to be difficult to do but it takes communication and that's where I am strong. I'm good at getting people together and talking out the issues and getting a solution to a problem that seems to be unattainable right now."

Suiter explained.

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - "So I know the need for good law enforcement and what they present. But now I've got a different job and the job now is that of county judge and I'm responsible for not only the sheriff's department but I'm also responsible for budgeting the county clerk's department, the county attorney's office, the district attorney's office, the maintenance department, parks department. You know, there's 34 different departments that this court has to provide funding for," Suiter said. "So when you have a limited amount of revenue that comes in, people don't give us an open checkbook that we can provide for. We have to look at the amount of revenue that we have coming in and where we can spend that revenue. We also have to look at the demand that we can put on the taxpayer."

Prior to being a county judge, Suiter was in law enforcement for several decades and Lymbery is a retired air force and veteran.

Election day is March 6.

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