Trinity gas station robbed by "polite" gunman

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - At 3:24, last Saturday afternoon, Trinity Quick Stop was robbed by a gunman, who got away with about $159 in cash.

Trinity police are describing the crime as unusually non-aggressive.

"When you see the video, you see him walking out real slow, like he wasn't in a hurry," said gas station employee, D'Ann Schanfish. "Not your normal robbery."

The suspect handed a bag to the clerk to fill with money and immediately exited out the door, towards a nearby, wooded area.

Trinity police questioned the gas station clerk, who has since quit, on how the robber acted.

"He engaged in a conversation that his mother had recently passed, that he was starving, he needed the money, and how sorry he was," said Trinity Police Chief Steve Jones. "And, it was even reported that he started crying."

Police agree with the gas station's employees that the slow exit of the suspect is irregular, for this type of situation.

"Even though he was committing a major crime, and he put people's lives in danger, actually scared the clerk, which is very upsetting for them to go through something like that," Jones said. "But, even then, he didn't show the aggression normally associated with robbery."

Based on the witnesses' testimony and the size of the Trinity community, police have ruled out that the suspect is a local.

"It almost makes us want to try to find this person to see if there's something else going on in their life to help them, to prevent this kind of thing from happening, in the future," Jones said.

Sympathetic feelings aside, the gas station is beefing up its security.

"We have tons of cameras already," Schanfish said. "We'll be putting in more. And, we keep the door locked when there's not no customers, so one won't be able to walk back, just walk in and us not see it."

Police say they are not ruling out the robber had help from a store employee.

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