12-Year-Old Missing Persons Case Almost Solved

Aurora Rojas
Aurora Rojas

In October 1995, a deer hunter clearing land in southern Polk County found what he thought was a human skull. Investigators from all over East Texas later searched the wooded area off Lone Wolf Road for several days. They ended up collecting ten percent of a full skeleton.

Captain Dennis Allen of the Polk County Sheriff's Office said, "Through other investigative observations and findings, we were able to actually make the identification of Ms. Aurora Rojas."

Rojas' remains weren't positively identified until three weeks ago.

"As years have passed, the field of DNA and mitochondrial DNA has advanced so much that, eventually, we were able to have a cross-match with a missing person."

Polk County authorities finally linked the 28-year-old mother to the remains after matching them with people in the state's Missing Persons Database. They also tested her sister's DNA for similarities. However, the case is not closed.

"Obviously, at this time, we are looking at a suspected homicide. The investigation is continuing and will always be on the books, and we'll be actively continuing following up leads."

The sheriff's office notified Rojas' family of her death two days after what would have been her 41st birthday. Aurora Rojas' family will pick up her remains Thursday for a burial service in Houston the same day.

It's still not known if she was murdered or what killed her.