Nacogdoches ISD board approves superintendent’s resignation

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Weeks after Nacogdoches Independent School District Superintendent Sandra Dowdy said she was committed to turning the district around, the board unanimously approved her request to resign.

"I'm a change agent and sometimes change agents don't make everybody happy. You can't when you have to make tough decisions. When I received a one year extension I thought this is an opportunity for me to go ahead and start looking and fortunately in about a week or two good luck happen," said Dowdy.

Dowdy said at times it's best to let a new leader come forward.

The board met in executive session Thursday night to discuss the next step for the district. They did not name an interim superintendent, as was listed on the agenda.

The board approved a motion to name an interim superintendent during the March the 8th school board meeting.

"We really need a strong leader to pick up where Ms. Dowdy is leaving off. We've had some wonderful improvements with our curriculum and our test scores," said Vice President Pam Fitch.

According to Dowdy her main goal was to bring the district out of IR and now only two schools remain.

"You have done everything you said you were going to do," board president Reverend James Ervin said moments after the resignation was approved. "You got us turned in the right direction."

However just weeks before, a petition that garnered hundreds of signatures protested the renewal of Dowdy's contract.

Dowdy's contract resign is effective on March 16.

Dowdy is leaving the district to take a job at Hays Consolidated ISD.

Even though Dowdy will start a new chapter, she hopes the work she's done will start to show.

"I've been happy here and I've enjoyed it. I pray every night that at the end of this year the results will show for all the results that's happened," Dowdy said.

School officials said they have three candidates in mind for the interim superintendent position.

They will provide more details at the next meeting scheduled for March 8, 2017.

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