Saying good riddance to a wet and lousy February in East Texas

Saying good riddance to a wet and lousy February in East Texas

(KTRE) - To say that February was a cloudy, damp, dreary, and lousy weather month, would be an understatement.

When you go back and look at the data, the Angelina County Airport, located just south of Lufkin and is our station of record for Deep East Texas, had measurable rainfall on seventeen of the twenty-eight days in the month of February.

Every Saturday had rainfall of some kind, which is why it was very difficult to uphold those outdoor plans.

Furthermore, there were fifteen days of cloudy skies and only one day in which skies were classified as mostly sunny.  It is hard to fathom we could go so long with very little sunshine, but that was the hand we were dealt with this past month.

The Angelina County Airport received 7.88 inches of rain in the month of February.  This led to Lufkin having their seventh wettest February on record.  On a side note, Tyler and Longview had their third wettest February's on record.

So why all the rain and unsettled, wet weather?  In a nutshell, most of our rain came from the upper level winds and steering currents that were blowing over East Texas, and quite frankly, did not alter course all that much.

The sub-tropical jet stream was streaming out of the Pacific Ocean and right over the state of Texas.  This led to a series of upper level disturbances tracking through the state.  These disturbances lift the atmosphere and generate pockets of rain and even thunderstorms on many occasions.

This southwest flow aloft also brought in copious amounts of moisture from the Pacific Ocean, leading to a very saturated atmosphere, which helped enhance the rainfall across our part of the state.

Now that February is behind us, all we can say is, 'good riddance.'

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