Early voter turn out in East Texas shows increase in mail-in ballots

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - According to county election administrators, more people have cast a ballot early this spring.

"I'd say our voting, it's up a little from 2014 numbers," said Nacogdoches election administrator Todd Stallings.

However, election administrators one of the biggest differences this election season is happening miles away from polling locations.

"We had a lot more mail ballots than we've ever had before," Stallings said. "We saw a significant increase there. And, a lot of that's due to candidates doing mail outs to the different voters."

During the day, on Friday, 654 mail-in ballots had been received by, Nacogdoches County, which is a definite increase since 2014's total of 503.

"Just more people being interested in the political process over the last year, as you've seen things become more intense across the nation," Stallings said.

Nacogdoches County, during the day on Friday, totaled 2,304 in-person ballots, with 1,848 voting Republican and 456 voting Democrat.

Angelina County, during the day on Friday, totaled 4,267 in-person ballots. Thursday's in-person ballots totaled 3,158 voting Republican and 657 voting Democrat. Thursday's mail-in ballots totaled 360 voting Republican and 225 voting Democrat.

Smith County's Thursday numbers totaled 10,312 in-person ballots.

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