SFA Lumberjacks look to senior Leadership as SLC Tournament begins

SFA Lumberjacks look to senior Leadership as SLC Tournament begins
Source: KTRE Staff

The SFA Lumberjacks are entering the conference tournament with a deep roster of players that could at any point take over the game.

Throughout the season it has been a rotating door of the player of the night. Coach Kyle Keller likes it that way.

"They could be more dominant at scoring points but they put winning first," Keller said. "They have a win first mentality."

With the games meaning so much more Keller expects big plays to come from his three seniors, Ty Charles, Ivan Canete and Leon Gilmore III.

The leader of the three might be Charles. Charles is the only four -year player of the three. He is a carry over from the Brad Underwood teams. Charles has battled injured through his career but has managed to get to 1,000 career points and joined an exclusive club of players that has 100 wins. Charles knows talent and believes this team has it.

"This is the most talented team I played on," Charles said. "We have guys that can do everything. We have guys that can do everything; rebound, defense, score."

Then there is Ivan Canete. A two year Lumberjack through transfer. As long as he is healthy, Canete is in the starting lineup. His defensive skills this season led the team to earn the most steals in program history. He has also become one of the top threats from three point range.

"Ivan has so much knowledge," Keller said. "We are losing a lot of basketball IQ when he leaves. He just knows where the ball will be and he is there."

If any player is going to lead the stat sheet in the tournament it would be Gilmore. Gilmore is a second year 'Jack like Canete. He started the year slow but in March he has turned it on. Normally, he is not a threat from behind the arc but last week he hit 4 three-pointers to start the game against Sam Houston.

"When he thinks of playing professional, I think he should look at South America or something like that because when the shorts come out, he plays better. I told him whatever you are doing, don't change. He is the type of cat that will be unselfish when the team needs it but when the games are on the line he gets in the mode and becomes selfish and picks the team up on his back and goes."

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