State Of The University Address

A ten minute video highlighting major accomplishments, along with administrative leaders' addresses, provided a common theme to listeners. There's change at SFA.

University President Dr. Tito Guerrero said, "Four years ago, almost 40% of our incoming freshman had to undergo some sort of academic remediation. That's no longer the case."

Higher academic standards could lead to higher enrollment. By the 12th day class roll, about 200 more freshman than last year are expected. Faculty is instructed to keep them here. Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Mary Cullinan told the faculty to, "Help us insure that every aspect of the freshman experience is positive, academically strong, and it supports students in ways it will transform them."

It's a transformation that could be as dramatic as the physical changes occurring across the campus. "Currently, we have approximately $168 million in new capital construction," said Guerrero. Unfortunately, the 79th legislature won't allow the building to continue, with the denial of $66 million for future construction projects. Similar rejections were felt across the state.

That's a hurdle, but not a barrier if university, faculty, and community work together in the delivery of services. Strategic Planning Chair Dr. Ron Anderson said, "I think a lot of those things are happening, but I think they could be strengthened."

Guerrero says that begins with educators remembering why they're there. "Act on phenomenal dreams and make important contributions to their world. And folks, I can't imagine a better job than that," he said in conclusion to his address.

More changes at SFA

Governor Perry announced the names of three new regents he plans to appoint. They are '91 alum Richard Boyer from The Colony, '70 graduate James Thompson of Sugarland, and '86 alum Melvin White of Pflugerville.

The regents leaving are Gary Lopez, Lyn Stevens, and Mike Wilhite.

Residence halls are open. The first day of class is Monday.