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Sgt. Rob Forrest will receive pension despite felony charge, city confirms

Courtesy Metro Nashville Police Dept. Courtesy Metro Nashville Police Dept.

News4 took social media to ask viewers what questions they have following Megan Barry's resignation on Tuesday.

Naturally, many were concerned they'd be on the hook for Barry's former bodyguard's pension.

On Thursday, a spokesperson with Metro Nashville's public relations department confirmed Stg. Rob Forrest will receive his pension.

That means he will make $6,691 a month -- that's $80,303 a year -- for the rest of his life. 


Sgt. Rob Forrest was a Metro Police officer for decades.

On Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to theft -- meaning, with a felony on his record, he could get his pension taken away.

"So how do we prevent us taxpayers footing the bill on the $90 thousand dollar pension [the mayor's] criminal boyfriend is due to receive?" Roy Thomas asked WSMV on Twitter. 

So, as soon as Mayor David Briley was sworn into office, we asked.

"Mayor Briley, a lot of our viewers are concerned about Rob Forrest's pension -- is there anything your office is doing to make sure those tax dollars are going where they should be?, News4 Reporter Carley Gordon asked at a press conference on Tuesday evening.

"The benefit board is responsible for approving each and every pension for every retiree, and what they will do is to look and determine whether the calculation should be adjusted based on the overtime he earned," Briley said. "Based on what happened [Tuesday], I'm sure they'll look very closely to make sure his pension is appropriately calculated."

Forrests' pension is based on the year he made the most money, which just so happens to be one of the years he was having an affair with former Mayor Megan Barry.

That year he made $80,000, so right now he's slated to get $6,691 dollars a month for life. 

After pleading guilty to theft, both Megan Barry and Sgt. Forrest are avoiding the jail time that typically comes with felony-level offenses. 

They both agreed to reimburse the city for unlawful expenditures -- Barry fined $11,000 and Forrest $45,000 -- as well as serve three years probation.

If they successfully complete probation, the charges against them will be expunged from their records.

On Wednesday the benefits board says they will consider their next steps at an upcoming meeting. 

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