Zavalla residents speak out after road floods

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For several weeks now, a flooding problem has concerned citizens in Zavalla, especially after heavy rain caused their road to further deteriorate. However, citizens did something interesting to get the city's attention.

Jeremy Cheney has watched the road outside his home worsen.

"Well, you know it floods through here, but you know it's never washed or beat the road out like it is," Cheney said.

The ditch in the road was so bad that neighbors could kayak through the water.

"It's so wet everybody is affected, and we got to the point where we had to drive through it," said Jeremy Walton, a friend of Cheney. "You know I had to disregard it tearing up my truck or my equipment."

Cheney and others wanted to stress the issue so much they started creating Facebook posts to get the city's attention.

"We made a joke of it by taking pictures and doing what we've done, but it's gone on long enough. I called February 16th, and nobody's been out," Cheney said.

But someone did come out this evening, the city started digging the road and ditches to drain the water.

"They've got the materials ordered, and they've got the culvert ordered for that road," said Mayor Carlos Guzman. "They're supposed to probably start working on it next week or the following week."

Guzman said they wanted to make sure the coast was clear before they started construction.

"It's been so wet lately that we haven't been able to do some of the work," Guzman said.

Cheney's main concern was the kids in the neighborhood.

"If the water stays here, then the snakes are going to start getting in the water, and we have kids playing. That's going to be another problem," Cheney said.

Now, residents are thankful for the start of a new road.

Mayor Guzman said he understands the citizens' concerns; the city just wanted to make sure the time was right before they started reconstruction.

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