Lufkin duo lifting for state and each other

The idea of fun over Spring break for Lufkin's March Thomas, Sr. and Carl Williams, Jr. is pushing each other to their physical limit.

"No breaks at all man, Williams said. "We just keep rolling."

That has been their idea all year so it is no surprise that the Panther duo qualified for the Texas High School Powerlifitng Championships. Williams lifted a total of 1,600lbs (610lbs squat, 350lbs bench, 640lbs dead lift) and Thomas lifted a total of 1,500lbs (560lbs squat, 395lbs bench, 545lbs dead lift) at the regional meet in order to qualify to go to Abilene on March 24.

"This year I felt like I was a lot stronger," Thomas said. "Last year I qualified with just the qualifying weight. This year I went 20 lbs. over. I felt like I could have done more."

The trip to state is nothing new to Thomas but it is for Williams who missed the mark last year.

"I felt like I needed redemption," Williams said.

Williams made the trip last year to watch Thomas compete and he made a goal.

"He told us last year that he was going to go this year," Thomas said. "I am real proud of him because he is like a little brother to me. I want to come up here and know that he is working out too. We are getting better together instead of just one of us."

Williams feels the same way.

"It motivates you to get stronger and better," Williams said.

The competitive nature of the two has made it easy for the coaches.

"They push each other on the football field as defensive lineman, they push each other on the the shot put and they push each other in the weight room," Jeff Cook said. "I don't have to do a lot of motivating."

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