Marshall Ivy Bridge repairs close to completion in Angelina County

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Construction is coming close to being finished a for a bridge in Angelina County. Heavy rain caused the bridge off of Marshall Ivy Road in Huntington to cave in almost two years ago.
Residents in the area voiced their relief after learning they could soon use the bridge. They said using alternate routes such as going around using the busy uS. Highway 69 has been riskier.

"When you're coming around those curves, you can't exactly see if there's a car coming, and you will be close to them before you see that they're there," said Claudia Loper, a neighbor.

Loper said for many in the area, it's taken longer to get to their destinations.

"I know people that I go to church with, they've had to come all the way out around the highway and back down," Loper said. "They have to leave 30 minutes earlier than they normally would, just leaving about 10 minutes."

Angelina County Precinct 3 Commissioner Terry Pitts has been working close to help finish the bridge construction.

On Tuesday, the County Commissioners approved a 36-day extension to be added to the completion day caused by delays due to the weather.

"The citizens of Angelina County has been pretty patient," Pitts said. "But we've dealt with FEMA, and we went through a lot of archaeological stuff and just lots of hiccups."
Pitts said in total the bridge cost $450,000, and 75 percent will be funded by FEMA and 25 percent through various grants.

Some of the hiccups developed as crews worked to help repair the bridge.

"Some setbacks. They run into some footing problems when they were drilling from the old bridge as well as rainy weather," Pitts said.

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Construction is expected to near its completion by the beginning of April.

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