Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 03/15/18

China Hibachi at 736 S. Timberland: 23 demerits for food containers stacked without lids, scoops with handles needed, food not stored in clean wrappers/containers, knives stored between equipment and tables, food containers stored directly on floor, cold hold at wrong temperature, ice machine needed to be cleaned, ice scoop not stored in clean container, pest control needed to be increased, general clean of cabinets under grill, ceilings in food prep area, and above dishwasher needed, personal items stored in food prep area, items in hand wash sink, raw food stored above ready-to-eat food, hot hold at wrong temperature, general clean of walls and ceilings needed in food prep area, food manager not on site, and toxic items stored with food.

The Lunch Box at 1014 S. John Redditt: 6 demerits for raw eggs stored above ready-to-eat food, personal items stored in food prep area, and food manager not on site.

Brookshire Brothers Deli at 107 West. Frank: 1 demerit for general clean needed in walk-in freezer.

Chick-Fil-A at 4600 S. Medford: 1 demerit for general clean needed for ice cream mixer equipment and pull-out warmer drawer.