Construction complete on new Nacogdoches Godtel location

Construction complete on new Nacogdoches Godtel location
(Photo: KTRE)
(Photo: KTRE)

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Construction is complete of the homeless shelter in its new location in Nacogdoches which started back in 2016.

"We didn't have any space," said Nancy Gentry, assistant director of Godtel Ministries.

 June and Nancy Gentry said they are thrilled to see the project completed as they talked about how they outgrew the old downtown location.

"It was cramped. That building was very old and drafty. Ceilings were very tall so it was hard to get it warm in the winter," Nancy said.

Now the ministry is prepared with resources and the ability to house more people without homes especially during cold nights or severe weather.

"The big difference is going to be when there's an emergency, we'll have extra beds," June said. "We didn't have that in downtown and we ended up having people sleeping in the hallways and rooms with no beds because we didn't have space."

Both the women's and men's dormitories have 52 beds each, a shared the dining room and chapel.

"They at least have room to breathe. We have space out here so that when we see someone that needs long term help, we can do that," June said. "Over in the old building we were just babysitting. We couldn't really have any programs to help people work."

A majority of the funds were generated by the sale of the former downtown location coming close to $400,000, and construction costs for the women's dormitory came close to $500,000. Overall, however, the cost of the whole facility and the 10-year project came to $2 million.

Godtel Ministry has been known for serving the homeless for more than 40 years. With their help, men and women have a place to rest their tired feet and lay their heads.