Trees topple on mobile homes in Polk County, no injuries

Photo: KTRE
Photo: KTRE

POLK COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Two mobile homes were damaged Sunday night in Polk County.

According to officials, trees toppled over onto the homes, located on US 190 West at Wiggins Village Subdivision, during Sunday night's severe storms.

"I watched the ground starting coming up, where the roots started coming up and the tree split," said Robert DeForest, one of the residents whose mobile home was impacted.

Nobody was injured. It was initially reported that a woman was stuck inside one of the trailers. Officials later said the woman escaped moments before the tree collapsed onto the home. Three people were inside that residence during the storms. The other was unoccupied.

"It was very scary. To think that we could get hurt. My mom is 74-year-old and she was in the back when the tree started coming down," said Patricia Powers, a resident who is in a relationship with DeForest.

Polk County officials said residents experienced fast winds, heavy rains and hail during yesterday's severe thunderstorms.

Onalaska Fire Department is reporting damages impacting 12 homes in their area after trees had fallen.

As for Powers and her family, they were left with no power for a majority of the day. They said their fireplace and one of the rooms inside their home has damages.

No other damage has been reported in Polk County.

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