Central heading to nationals with goal of building on legacy

Source: KTRE Sports
Source: KTRE Sports

CENTRAL, TX (KTRE) - In the sport of powerlifting it is about fighting through adversity and reaching a new high. This coming weekend, the Central powerlifting team has the chance to do that.

They will compete at the Natural Athlete Strength Association National Meet. For the boys, it is about overcoming the adversity of just missing out of a national championship last year, They have won two national titles since 2014 and want to make 2018 another winning year.

"it was a bummer that we didn't win," said junior Gus Pinner. "We are going to try to win and set some more records. We are going to get a team win instead of individual wins."

For the girls, it has been two good years with the team bringing home the gold the past two years. The success of those years is pushing them to build on that dominance.

"They see Central and don't think we are good at sports," junior Mariela Garcia said. "That is not true. We are good here, and we will bring it home again."

At the meet, there will be schools from about 15 different states. Many of them have one thing in common; football. Central is not part of the commonality.

"It says a lot that we can be that good," said Coach Seth Ford. "A lot of people are shocked when they hear that we have a program because, in Texas, powerlifting is associated with football schools."

This is the second time for many of these athletes to go to nationals. The stage does not worry them.

"I get a little nervous," said sophomore Tori Bollinger. "They are some strong girls. They got muscles going for days. It doesn't matter though. We got it last year, and we are going to get it this year. We have a great team, and we are going to go kick butt."

The team said when you see situations like that. you just clear your mind.

"You get nervous, but you just have to calm down and just go out and try your hardest," Pinner said.

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