Big Rig Robbed Of Fuel

Lufkin authorities are investigating a gas theft. A truck driver filled his gas tank with 250 gallons of fuel, but when he cranked the engine the next day, his fuel gauge showed his tank was only half full.

With gas prices so high, thieves are getting sneakier and bolder. Even truck drivers are changing the way they do business. They're being a lot more observant and attentive with their trucks.

Dwayne Miller, truck driver, said, "You can't really stay away from your truck like you could before gas prices went up. You want to stay with your truck. That way, nobody wants to walk up and try to steal your gas. My best advice to truckers is 'don't stay away from your truck very long'."

You can get a lock for your gas tank at just about any store carrying automotive products, but remember, many of those same stores also sell lock removers.