Residents Filling Up Before Gas Prices Go Up

by Jessica Cervantez

There is widespread concern about gas prices going up because of damage in the Gulf of Mexico being caused by Hurricane Katrina. Lines have been long at some area gas stations as drivers stock up.

Several gulf refineries have shut down their operations because of the storm, stopping about half the normal production of crude oil in the gulf. Crude oil futures soared to more than $70 a barrel.

Some drivers say they hope gas prices don't take a big jump, but they are filling up now just in case.

Timothy Griffith, a Ball Hill resident, said, "If gas prices get much worse, it might come to whether you eat or whether you drive for the old people, and I'm an 'old people'."

Oil might be taken from the government's emergency stockpile to avoid a major shortage. One expert is predicting a $.15 per gallon jump on gas prices by the end of the week.