Water Problems In Zavalla

by Jessica Cervantez

After receiving a mandatory public notification letter about problems with Zavalla's drinking water, many residents became concerned and now want more information. About 430 households received the letter.

Zavalla residents received a letter with their water bill. It tells them the contaminant level for Trihalomethanes in their water was recently measured at more than twice the recommended level.

Public Works Director Larry Marshall said, "TTHM is when you combine chlorine, which you have to put in water. And it's a disinfectant agent that mixes with ammonia, which is naturally found in ground water. Then, if ammonia mixes with chlorine for a long enough period, it forms a TTHM gas."

Imogene Adams, a Zavalla resident, said, "I got one of the notification letters and I'm concerned about the health problems."

Several residents are concerned about their water. That is because the letter tells them if they drink too much water containing an excess amount of TTHM, over the years, they could face liver, kidney, and central nervous system problems. They could even face an increased risk of getting cancer.

The city is taking steps to fix the water. The TTHM level is now below the contaminant level, but the city still had to send out the letter to inform residents about the situation. The Zavalla school district is also waiting for more information.

Superintendent Dr. Kathy Ray said, "We're also looking at putting [in] a filtration system that might help with that."

City leaders know some residents might have questions. They are willing to explain the letter in more detail to anybody wanting more information. The letter states that you do not have to use an alternative water supply. If you do have health concerns, you are urged to visit your physician.