Angelina County storm damage includes possible lightning, flooding issues

Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Problems continued in Angelina County as the storm made for a scary night for one Huntington preacher who got a call that lightening struck his church.

"What I've heard is that lightning struck the side of the church, and, as far as we know, it didn't hit the sanctuary," said Burl McBride the pastor of Pine Forest Baptist Church in Huntington. "It didn't touch the sanctuary, just that Sunday school classroom, over there."

Volunteer fire departments with the cities of Moffet, Fuller Springs, and Huntington were called out to the report of the building with visible smoke, caused by a suspected lightening strike.

McBride said, when he got the call, his initial feelings of worry soon changed into ones of thankfulness and praise that no one was injured, and his congregation would still be able to meet in their chapel.

"Well, I thank the Lord because I live an hour from here. When they told me, I was scared to death. So, I thank the Lord that it hadn't touched the sanctuary, that we know, so we can still have church, as we always do," said McBride. "The Lord really blessed us through it all because it could have been a lot worse then it was."

For the Shuell family in Angelina County, they shared in the feelings of thankfulness when a tree narrowly missed a majority of their home.

Due to the saturated ground from the multiple inches of rain, a nearby tree uprooted and fell on the family's garage roof. They said no one was injured during the accident.

Authorities asked the public to be aware of fallen tree and flooded roads as the rain is expected to continue overnight Wednesday.

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