Trinity County sees rain water cover multiple roadways

Source: KTRE staff
Source: KTRE staff

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Persistent rain in the Trinity County area caused many residents of the community to slow things down on the road.

"You can't even really drive the speed limit on the road," said Groveton resident, Blair Leos. "We hydroplane and stuff. Like that, how people are just flying like that, that's dangerous."

The Texas Department of Transportation put out a warning to motorists, early afternoon, to avoid FM 356 and SH 94, east of Groveton, due to flooding.

"It's a hazard," said Groveton-born resident, Craig Callahan. "All this water it runs down to that Saltmill pond right by my house and it's a mess over there, too. It's a lot better than what it was, but it's you can see it's still a mess."

Even those who have lived in Groveton the longest agree that flooding has reached a new level.

"Never been anything like this," said long-time Groveton resident, Mike Jesse. "It got higher and backed up quicker than anything we've had."

But, people aren't placing blame completely on the rain.

"That's the only real drain," Jesse said. "MLK takes some. But the drain ditch right there, it's just not big enough."

Others believe that a full remodel of roads is needed.

"Those drains should be a little bit bigger," Callahan said. "And, they should elevate the road. The road should be up a little higher and the sidewalks a little higher to ease this water buildup."

Sheriff Woody Wallace confirmed that no roads were actually closed off in the Trinity County area.

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