Lufkin Softball looking strong and determined heading into round 2 of district play

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Not much could have gone better in the first round of district play for the Lufkin Softball team.

The team easily handled College Park, Conroe and Montgomery. They would win a tight game with Oak Ridge and on Monday they took out The Woodlands 4-1. Now the team sits at the top of the district standings with just five games left.

On Wednesday, the team would not let the heavy rain keep them from practicing. They moved indoors to work on hitting.

"We always like to find any way we can practice," senior Julie Armes said. "We have indoor hitting facilities. We have an indoor facility. We can even do more at home."

Sitting at the top of the district is different. Now the team is the hunted.

We are playing really good right now," senior Leah Akridge said. " Being able to overcome those teams is something that is a mark for Lufkin in history."

The team will now get ready for college park next week. The lady cavilers are 0-5 in district. It is something the Lady Pack does not think about.

"On any day any team can win," Head Coach Shelby Elkins said. "We don't treat them any different then we do The Woodlands. We treat them all the same because if we play Lufkin Pack Softball then we will win the game."

The change in the team this year for Elkins may be how they carry themselves off the field.

"They have team dinners before games and after practice,:" Elkins said. "They are calling me on the weekends seeing what they can do and if they can go up to the field. They really enjoy being there for each other. Every person has a role on this team."

That trust that has been built off the field is full throttle during games.

"I trust my teammates," senior Sarah Mayes said. "I know how we are and we will never stop fighting until that umpire calls it a game in the the 7th inning."

Elkins said the goal at the beginning of the year was to make it to state. She thinks that goal is within reach.

"Every single time they step on the field I tell them 'You be remembered. You be remembered. Stand out,'" Elkins said. "That is what we have to do in this district. We have to stand out. You hear about all these teams and so ,many teams people do not know who Lufkin is. We have to put ourselfs on the map. No one is going to do it for us."

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