Hurricane Victims Get Help From A Local Business

New Orleans residents are sorting through the mess left by Hurricane Katrina. Now, those victims have some help putting their lives back together.

Brookshire Brothers in Lufkin donated $25,000 to the Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Fund. The store presented a check to the local branch of the American Red Cross.

Kim McClung, public relations director for Brookshire Brothers, said, "We believe that the Red Cross has the mechanisms in place to handle such disasters as this, and so we want to give to the Red Cross because we know that they're going to take the money and use it where it needs to be used."

The Red Cross will send the donation to families devastated and left homeless by the hurricane, but they still need help from East Texans.

Yolanda Simmons of the American Red Cross said, "We're asking the community to send out or bring to the Lufkin office or take to the Parks and Recreation office in Nacogdoches, diapers, wipes, coloring books, colors, [and] toys for the kids, because we have a lot of kids there and they have nothing to do and they're scared."

Brookshire Brothers encourages other East Texas businesses and corporations to donate to victims of Hurricane Katrina.