Incentives To Go To School

by Jessica Cervantez

It is becoming a common trend in some parts of the country that some are paying their students to show up in class. Lufkin High School has their own incentive programs.

If students at Lufkin High School have perfect attendance, they are rewarded with balloon day.

Jim Welch, of Lufkin High School, said, "Those kids who have perfect attendance for nine weeks are allowed to choose a balloon with a prize in it. They will find anything from free ice cream to TVs, DVDs, cell phones, [and other] things kids like."

One school in Boston is going as far as paying their students $25 per semester if they have perfect attendance.

Welch said, "As far as payment, I'm not sure the money is there for payment, but if they don't come to school, they are going to lose out in a great education."

This is all an effort to keep kids at school, because when they miss school, the school loses out.

Welch said, "$20 to $25 for each child, so in the long haul it is a lot of money."

So far this year, LHS has seen good attendance. The prize incentives could be playing a part in that. Administrators say attendance numbers are always high at the beginning of the school year.

LHS has an average daily attendance rate at 96%, which is pretty good for a school that size.