Salvation Army Trying To Make Their Way To New Orleans

by Jessica Cervantez

East Texas members of the Salvation Army are on the way to New Orleans, offering aid to the victims of Katrina. They packed lots of food and water so that all the canteens making the caravan trip would be able to feed thousands of people.

They are in Lafayette, Louisiana, trying to make their way to New Orleans, but there are a lot of closed roads.

Captain Lola Maldonado, with the Salvation Army, said people are having a difficult time getting in and out of the city. In a 50-car caravan, the Salvation Army even had a difficult time finding a place to sleep Monday night.

Capt. Maldonado said, "We had to stay at a local church and slept on their floor, because at the Salvation Army in Beaumont, people were sleeping on pool tables, in the hallways, and the kitchen was full."

They expect to stay at least 14 days before they receive relief. If you would like to help the victims of Katrina, you can make a donation to the Salvation Army.