School Re-routing Students

by Jessica Cervantez

Some Nacogdoches students from several schools, including Raguet Elementary, are being shifted around to different schools.

Eight kindergarteners are transferring to Fredonia Elementary because of classroom overcrowding. The kids were chosen for transfers based on where they live. All eight live on the same street. The goal is to make it easy for a bus to pick them up.

Raguet is also taking students in from other grade levels.

Principal Kristi Shofner said, "There's a state law that says that for every 22 students there has to be one teacher. That's our main problem right now, that we have more than 22 students for each teacher. A lot of that is because of the new schools and the new zones, and it's just taking awhile to work it out."

Principal Shofner says she hates having to make the changes, especially for the little ones who are adjusting to schools. Shofner has spoken to all the concerned parents, assuring them that the transition will be made as smoothly as possible.