East Texan makes it into 'American Idol' top 50

SHELBY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - On Sunday night, Cade Foehner made it into the "American's Idol" top 50 after competing against 75 other contestants.

Foehner, 21, grew up in Shelbyville and in the show, he's known as the one who has a feather attached to his guitar.

"It was always a dream to audition," Foehner said.

Back in August, he auditioned in Dallas for "American Idol." Making it this far to the top 50 selection, Foenher said has been an incredible journey.

"I just remember being extremely nervous before I went out there to perform like this pop song that I made rock," Foehner said. "Like really when you remake songs, it can go bad or really go good. It's not really an eh sort of thing. And so, I was completely nerved out. I knew usually don't look it when I'm out there, I've noticed, but I'm sweating bullets, and I'm hoping it goes well."

Foehner's whole family is cheering for him, and they describe the musician as a hard worker.

"When I saw him walk out with that golden ticket, it was like he made it. He did it," said Blaine Goodwyn, Foehner's sister. "I'm crying now thinking of it. He finally got the yes he needed to keep him going. It was motivation."

"If you mess up one little time, they noticed, so you have to be ready for that," Foehner said.

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