Following storms, residents clean up piles of debris in Garrison

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

GARRISON, TX (KTRE) - In Garrison, several trees temporarily blocked roads after they were blown down. One resident said a tree hit the road right after it barely missing her house.

City officials and residents spent much of Wednesday collecting piles of debris and removing them from the roads. Police Chief Tim Barton said the storm came as a surprise for many.

"Roof came off our maintenance building here. Trees were down all over town," Barton said. "Citizens just came together as a team and started taking the trees out of the road."

Denise Jamar has been living in her Garrison home for a decade now.

"About 4 o'clock there was a power outage and then there lightening storm," Jamar said.

Tuesday's bad weather brought with it downed tree limbs, damaged homes, and, of course, power outages.

"A tornado came through, and it wiped out the tree," Jamar said. "Thank goodness, it missed my house, and my car and my life was spared, thanks to God."

Jamar said it was a frightening experience. She was watching TV moments before the power went out.

"It was loud, and I heard the tree hit the ground, and it was startling," Jamar said. "I got up and looked outside the wind was blowing so hard I had to go back in."

She said it nearly missed her home and flipped onto the road instead.

"No one was in the road when the tree fell," Jamar said. "I was thankful for that. No injuries. No harm."

Jamar said the volunteer fire department immediately came to move the tree out of the middle of the road.

Crews with the Texas Department of Transportation also came to help with the cleanup efforts and uprooted the piles of debris left behind by a storm that came so quickly.

"Never think that it happened yesterday, but we came through the storm," Jamar said.

Barton said the storm left just as quickly as it came causing extensive damage to city property and residential neighborhoods.

Jamar said power was restored in her home late Tuesday night.

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