Lufkin's Harold's House trains new school on child abuse signs

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Harold's House, one of East Texas' child advocacy centers, announced Tuesday that they have officially trained staff at Brookeland ISD to recognize signs of child abuse.

According to Harold's House's education director, Ashley Cook, last week's training consisted of familiarizing everyone with, not only noticing what sexual abuse in children can look like, but how to prevent and report it.

"Teachers are what I like to call the front line of defense for children," said Cook. "Sometimes a teacher might be the only person who sees a child day to day, with the eyes of looking for things that might be wrong. If their home wasn't safe or their family setting isn't safe."

All state-employed teachers are legally required to be trained in this way, but cook said the in person aspect of Harold's House's training is really effective.

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