East Texas Mechanical Mayhem invades Lufkin

East Texas Mechanical Mayhem invades Lufkin
Source: KTRE Sports
Source: KTRE Sports

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The monster trucks of East Texas Mechanical Mayhem have invaded Lufkin.

Trucks will roar through the George H. Henderson Expo Center on April 6-7. Fans will be able to see racing between Tantrum, Dirt Eater, Monster Patrol and Predator.

"You get to feel the trucks go by and feel the horsepower," Predator driver Allen Pezo said. "There is no bad seat. You are up close and see everything."

The nigh will consist of racing, a wheelie competition and freestyle. The drivers are looking ready to give the fans a thrill.

"We break a wheel off here and break a wheel off there," Dire Eater driver Ron Nelson said. "Fans like to see us tear things up that we hate to tear up."

Fans in attendance will see all types of trucks. Dirt Eater and Tantrum looks like a truck that anyone could drive. Monster Patrol looks like a truck you would not want to pull you over for speeding. Then there is Predator. For over three decades Predator has been inspiring some of the craziest designs.

"I am the first to design a 3-D body," Pezo said. "I was in a hotel room with my friend when we came up with the design. It was the first to not look like the typical Chevy, Dodge or Ford style. It is cool to see what it has turned into with all the new body styles.

The trucks that will wow the Lufkin crowds have done it all over the world. Predator and Monster Patrol have been featured on national TV. All of the drivers have been involved on the biggest stage as either a driver or a crew member. While the large arenas give the trucks more room to do crazy jumps, the small arenas such as the expo center give fans a really close view that you would not get in the bigger venues.

"Here you are right on the action," Nelson said. "In the big arenas you would be at least 100 yards away.  There is not a bad seat in the house. You are right there and you can feel it."

The trucks will be performing one more time on Saturday night. The pit party for all of the fans in attendance will start at 5 pm and the racing starts at 7.

More on the event can be found here.

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