Lufkin Police Department invests in tactical robot

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LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - After seeing a need for alternative solutions during high-risk situations, the Lufkin Police Department unveiled a tactical robot with added upgrades this week.

Now, whirring around in the hallways of the station is the newest gadget: the rescue robot.

"It's to assist in the safety in citizens and safety of officers," said Cody Jackson, a detective with the Lufkin Police Department.

City of Lufkin made the decision to invest in the $36,000 robot after seeing a need for an upgraded robot. Jackson said there is a possibility that the older robot to come in use after undergoing repairs. But the old robot bought 8 years ago had outgrown the advances in current technology.

"Just the technology on that robot was outdated," Jackson said. "I believe it's currently being looked at to be updated with newer technology and that way we could possibly have the capability of having two if that one is updated."

In the meantime, the department said this tactical robot has been built and customized to specifications for the City of Lufkin. Some of the features include extended arm to pick up or move objects, four cameras and navigate various terrain including stairs.

"It will be for crisis situation such as when it's better to send in a robot," Jackson said.

The department said city officials saw the need for the device after witnessing a the November incident where a man barricaded himself in a home in Crown Colony. After those events, the need became critical in order to ensure safety of the officers and the citizens.

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