Katrina Sends Gas Prices Soaring

Katrina is having a big impact on oil production in the gulf region. That's causing gas prices to shoot up all across the country.

The price jumped about 20 cents overnight in many places around East Texas. Business at the Chevron station on the Lufkin loop has been a little slower the past couple days. That's because many drivers filled up their gas tanks Monday when word got out about a potential price hike.

The store was so busy then, it even ran out of gas three times that day.

Frances Brown, Chevron cashier, said, "Monday, they had some customers come in here and actually threaten the morning cashiers, because we were out of gas and they wanted their gas. There's nothing we can do about that."

Hurricane Katrina affected refineries and oil rigs that provide about a third of the nation's gas supply. Some gas stations in southern states are now experiencing gas shortages.