Ways To Find Missing Family Members

by Jessica Cervantez

Many Katrina evacuees are still trying to contact their loved ones back home. Reaching them is difficult. Now, there are places you can go for help.

Johnny Mesina, an evacuee who is in Nacogdoches, said, "I'm looking for my mom and aunt. I haven't heard from them."

Mesina joins many others who are looking for loved ones. They escaped Hurricane Katrina, but haven't heard anything from missing family members.

Tina Royal-Reynard, who is also missing a loved one, said, "I don't know where my sister is .People are scattered everywhere and we don't know where they are."

Mesina said, "It's pretty tough to not communicate or know anything or know if she is safe right now."

They have been glued to TVs, hoping to hear something about their hometowns.

There are websites and telephone numbers you can use to help locate your loved ones. You can visit www.wlox.com to get information about people in Mississippi.

You can also go to the American Red Cross web site or call the Red Cross at 1-866-GET-INFO.

The Next Of Kin Registry is available at www.nokr.org .

Other information on how to contact loved ones can be found on our "Hurricane Katrina Coverage" page.

For now, all these families can do is wait, as they hope to make contact with people, they can only hope are safe.