Special Needs Of Katrina Evacuees

Many hurricane refugees are now concerned about money. Account access automatic deposits and debits at their local banks could become difficult. Some refugees are even cashing in their accounts afraid of losing access to funds.

Austin Bank area president Frank Still explained, "Let's say they're members of a small independent bank and there headquarters is located in Louisiana, right there in New Orleans and they're underwater than they may be faced with some tremendous difficulty."

Banks are required to have a disaster recovery plan. Branches and third party processors often carry the same information and can continue to process it.

Another concern for hurricane evacuees is medicine. Wal Mart Pharmacy in Nacogdoches and Lufkin are taking a compassionate approach. The pharmacy is supplying needed medications to refugees.

Betty Stotts delivered discounts to the refugee shelter. "They sent coupons to get their prescriptions free or to get some money off their prescriptions, so they can get the medicines they're needing." Pharmacist Andrew Graham makes decisions off faith and trust. "It's going to be faith that going to get you through it and trust. If a person needs their medications they'll get them."

Severe needs are directed to the emergency room. The Red Cross shelter also needs qualified people such as nurse practitioners to prescribe new medications.