Damaged boat dock at Cassels-Boykin Park undergoes repairs

(Source: KTRE)
(Source: KTRE)
(Source: Thomas Derryberry)
(Source: Thomas Derryberry)

ZAVALLA, TX (KTRE) - Heavy rains, storms and rising waters are to blame for a dock becoming submerged by water and damaged at Cassels-Boykin Park in Angelina County.

It happened over the weekend while the dock was closed to boaters for repairs. However, the dock was reopened to the public on Monday.

Angelina County Parks Director Jason Kartye explained how the dock at Lake Sam Rayburn is holding up after the thunderstorms that caused it go under water.

"When we got up Saturday morning," Kartye said. "This dock actually had come affix from the pilings and had blown perpendicular to the bank."

The dock was closed for two days and on Monday crew members came to temporarily fix and put the dock back in its place.

"When I got here there were about 15 guys down there and they had a back hoe and they were working on the dock and when I first got here, it wasn't repaired yet," said Joe Ragan, a boater who witnessed the repairs.

Karyte explains that the dock is designed to be adjustable but only about once a year and not at the same rate of Lake Sam Rayburn's fluctuating water levels.

"Every time you get ready to adjust it, it's just wear and tear on the dock and over nine years," Kartye said. "I think this dock's been here for nine or ten years, it's just some wear and tear on it."

On any given weekend at least 800 people use the dock so Kartye and his team are hoping to find more permanent solution.

Kartye said he hopes to find a permanent solution for the dock by this summer.

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