Nigton residents complain about water quality

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

APPLE SPRINGS, TX (KTRE) - There's an East Texas community speaking out after dealing with brown and discolored water for more than a decade.

In 2005, the community of Nigton located in Trinity County, received an updated system that drained water from the Nigton ground water well.

Twelve years later that decision has residents concerned.

"It's just a bad situation here all around," said resident Willie Deason.

According to Deason, the community of Nigton has been experiencing brown water for a while.

"No child should ever have to sit in a bathtub like this here, and we just have to do what we can do to change this situation," Deason said.

However, water board members said changing the situation will take time because the community is already in debt from installing the new system 12 years ago.

"To get a new system, it would cost too much, and we don't have the refunds to pay more than we paying now. It would run our water bill higher than what it is now," said Charles Mark, the vice president of the water board.

Right now, homeowners are paying on the USDA grant through their water bill.

It'll take an additional 20 years for everything to be paid off.

Board members said the brown discoloring everyone is seeing comes from having tannins in the water.

"It's got a colored tint to it, but it's coming from the ground. It's just like you running the water through the roots, and that's what makes the color change in it," said Mark.

Tannins are a natural organic material that can cause the water to have a faint, yellow to tea like color.

On the other hand, residents still don't trust the water and want change.

"They're forced to drink this water. They're forced to bathe in this water, and it's sad," said Deason.

Officials made note that everyone has to have their water heater flushed from time to time.
KTRE news reached out to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and they said they have received a notification of the colored water and will be considering the environmental complaint.

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