VIDEO: Lufkin PD officers rescue baby possum from bathtub

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - In one particular home invasion case involving a four-legged suspect, officers with the Lufkin Police Department implemented a "catch and release" policy.

Jessica Pebsworth, a spokeswoman for the Lufkin Police Department, said that Cpl. Dale Dodd and Officer Sean Alexander responded to an animal complaint at a home on Southwood Drive at about 5 a.m. Tuesday.

"You could call it a burglary or a trespass in progress if you like," Pebsworth said.

She said a woman called in to report that a baby possum had gotten itself trapped in her bathtub.

"Cpl. Dodd quickly escorted the little guy to a wooded area nearby, but not before he left a 'present' in her bathtub," Pebsworth said.

Pebsworth joked that a criminal trespass warning was issued to the possum.

"This is the department's first possum complaint this year, but officers removed possums from at least four homes in 2017," Pebsworth said.

She also added that this is the first opossum call that LPD has made in 2018. Last year, they responded to four.

"They have a big heart for the community," Pebsworth said. "And, they do not mind at all going and pulling a possum out of someone's bathtub if need be."

Even though this animal ended up being relatively harmless, law enforcement want to remind the public to always be cautious around wild animals and to call animal control or the police department if the animal needs to be removed.

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